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Product Posting Guide
Select the desired method of sale for your product. Choose carefully, as this cannot be changed.

Bidding products are sold by auction, whilst Instant Buy products are sold at your set price.
Add photos of the product being sold. At least 2 photos are required per listing. Use photos with a clear background, that does not distract from the product.

The maximum file upload is 5 MB with the preferred dimensions of 800 x 600px. Photos not meeting these dimensions will be automatically resized.
Please do not add contact details or marketing text to your photos.

Products with photos like these will not be approved.
Add the product name. Keep it simple and do not include attributes such as colour, weight and size in the name.
Provide a reasonably detailed description of the product including features that potential buyers would need to know.
Add information in the correct fields. Do not re-purpose fields to your own needs.
Leave fields that not do not apply, or whose information you do not have, empty.

Do not guess product attributes that you do not know. It will result in disputes with buyers if you are incorrect. A quick Google search will normally put you on the right track.
If you intend to allow 3rd party shipping, please include the product weight and dimensions.

Third party shipping couriers will not quote on shipping costs without this information.
Once you are satisfied with your listing, you may publish your product.

The listing will then be submitted to the ZeeBay team for approval.