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Bidding Guide
Register an account, or log in to your account.

Only people with accounts can participate in auctions.
Ensure that you have verified your email address.

Check your email, and spam folder, for a verification notice when you register.
Set your bid cap. This is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the product.

Bids placed on your behalf will not exceed this amount.
Once your bid cap is set, bids will be automatically placed for you at the minimum amount needed to beat another persons bid.

Note: the minimum amount is determined by the bid increments for the bid value
When the auction is closed ZeeBay will automatically notify you if you have won.

Be sure to check your email often!
If you have won, you have to secure your bid.

Failure to secure your bid will result in it falling through to the runner up.
Once the transaction is settled. You may collect the product from the seller or receive it through shipping (where shipping is offered).
To keep the standards high, the buyers honest and the experience safe, you should rate your experience.